This "Trend Trading Scanner" Indicator Scans ALL Pairs and ALL Timeframes For ALL High-Probability Trade Setups That Appear During BIG Market Trends: 'Beginning of End', Pullbacks, and Breakouts...

Using this scanner is super easy, and it could help you find winning trend-following trades in 5 minutes or less. As close as it gets to a complete, AUTOMATED trading solution for FX trend traders.

The Trend Trading scanner scans IN REAL TIME all pairs and timeframes for 3 kinds of trend-trading setups: beginning of new market trends…

 AND pullback setups…

 AND breakout setups… 

Then, it displays all of these high-probability setups on a beautiful, convenient dashboard. 

So you can easily see which setup has recently formed on the pair you’d like to trade.

Most traders overlook some of the best trading opportunities that an established trend offers. 

But not you… YOU can spot them all with the new Trend Trading Dashboard…

 Hi there

Sounds cliché, but I believe we’ve created the “ultimate” trend trading solution for retail FX traders like you and me. 

To understand why, we must go back to the very beginning: 9 months ago, I released the Better Trend Trading indicator.

 And it quickly became our top-selling indicator.

 For good reasons: This “Better Trend Trading” indicator helps you identify ALL trading opportunities during an established trend, including those “hidden” setups most traders overlook. 

That way, you could profit as much as possible from these established trends, by taking advantage of easy, high-probability trading opportunities everybody else can’t find. Here’s how it works:]

 Better Trend Trading indicator accurately spots the beginning of the trend… 

The first thing our indicator does for you is: It tells you exactly when a new trend starts, so you can jump on the trend as soon as possible. And with our proprietary algorithm,

 Better Trend Trading indicator is able to spot the beginning of new trends very accurately. Here’s an example:

And here’s the second kind of trading opportunities the indicator gives you:

 Better Trend Trading indicator detects high-probability retracement / pullback setups with the greatest profit potential…

 Retracements and pullbacks are among the most profitable trade setups.

 But the problem is: It’s extremely hard to determine if a certain retracement is just a small market correction… or… it’ll turn into a real market reversal.

 And even if you know that the price is gonna resume its original trend, it’s still difficult to decide whether a particular trade is worth taking or whether the trade offers a good risk-to-reward ratio.

 Our Better Trend Trading indicator solves all these problems for you. It detects ONLY the highest-probability retracement / pullback setups and it makes sure that these setups offer a great risk-to-reward ratio. Here’s an example:

And it gets even better: Better Trend Trading indicator also identifies all breakouts in direction of the trend for you…

 We’ve specifically programmed the indicator so it’s able to identify not one, but TWO types of REAL breakouts in direction the trend.

 And from our research, these two types of trend-following breakouts are the absolute best in terms of accuracy and overall profitability. 

When Better Trend Trading indicator finds a breakout with great profit potential, it will print a signal on your chart. 

So you can take advantage of these trade opportunities with great timing:

And this could be the best part of all:

 During an established trend, Better Trend Trading indicator gives you up to 10 times more trades than other run-of-the-mill trend trading indicator… 

Thanks to its multi-faceted algorithm, Better Trend Trading indicator is capable of recognize not one, but MULTIPLE kinds of trading opportunities that arise once a trend is established.

 Most run-of-the-mill trend indicators completely miss those setups. But not our Better Trend Trading indicator.

 Because our indicator analyzes not only price movement, but also market timing, volume, and volatility… it gives you up to 10 times more trades during a certain established trend.

 So you could extract the most profit from the trend. It helps you jump on a trend right from the beginning or after a retracement.

 And it helps you enter new trades (or add to your position) when you see breakouts in direction of the trend or after a pullback has taken place.

 It even helps you identify market reversals long before anybody else finds it.

 Let’s take a look at an example:

Another Example :- 

So 9 months ago, we released the Better Trend Trading indicator. 

Out of the blue, it quickly became our top-selling products Among the emails we received from happy Better Trend Trading customers, one stands out.

 Peter told me: “Better Trend Trading works. No doubt about it. But I trade 7 currency pairs plus gold and silver. 

Takes quite some time to go through each pair to see which setup has formed” Gave me an idea.

 What if we could apply our famous “Scanner” concept and design to those Trend Trading setups?

 What if we could develop some kind of “Trend Trading Scanner” indicator that SCANS all the pairs you want to trade on all time-frames for the highest-probability TREND TRADING setups?

 And shows you all the recently formed setups in all markets, on all timeframes on 1 beautiful, easy-to-use scanner. I’m happy to say: I’VE DONE IT.

 Here’s a teaser:

 Look at the all-new Trend Trading scanner in action…

The indicator displays all detected TREND TRADING SET-UPS on ONE convenient scanner.

 You no longer need to manually scan every pair and time-frame. 

The dashboard does all the hard work for you. 

With just one look at the scanner, you’ll instantly know which setup has just formed on every pair and every time-frame (from 1-minute to monthly)… 

So… Let our Trend Trading Scanner do all the heavy lifting for you…

 First, it will scan ALL currency pairs and ALL time-frames for the highest-probability setups you could ever find.

 And all these calculations are done so fast – literally within seconds – you won’t even notice the time. 

Second, the indicator will display a beautiful dashboard on your chart where you can see exactly what pattern has recently formed on EVERY pair, EVERY time-frame. 

Take a look below to see how cool it really is:

With just one look at the dashboard, 

you’ll instantly know all the information you need to make a good trading decision. 

You’ll instantly know which pattern appears on every time-frame (from 1-minute to monthly) and on every currency pair:

Not only that, you’ll also know the exact direction of that setup – whether it’s bullish or bearish.

 And you’ll know exactly how long ago that particular setup was formed. And you’re in total control. 

You can specify which currency pairs and which time-frame you want the indicator to scan for these trend-trading setups:

Remember, you can specify as many pairs as you like. 

You can also use it for indices, stocks, futures, and gold (anything your broker offers in Metatrader).

 Our Trend Trading Dashboard takes care of it all.

 Let me show you a short clip where I scroll through 20 currency pairs (and all time-frames from 1-minute to monthly) and see all the setups on my dashboard:

And my favorite part about Trend Trading Dashboard is that you can…

 Click on ANY symbol you want, and the indicator will open up that symbol chart with the current set-up highlighted…

 Take a look at this short clip to see what I mean:

That way, you can look at the dashboard first to see the overall picture across multiple time-frames.

 Then once you identify a setup that you want to trade, just click on the symbol to open up the relevant chart, so you can analyze the setup further. 

And by the way, did you know that…

 You can sort the dashboard in any way you like — based on Symbol, Timeframe, Direction, or Age… Let me show you exactly how it works:

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

By the way, it’s very very easy to trade with Trend Trading Dashboard indicator because… 

The indicator gives you all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a setup appears… Plus… you’re in total control.

 For example, you can change the color of the setups… turn on/off ANY time-frame you want the indicator to scan… or even change the method the indicator uses to identify the setup.

 And here’s something else you need to know: These trend trading setups are UNIVERSAL. 

They work on all time-frames and all currency pairs (any instrument for that matter)…

 As you already see in the previous example, these high-probability setups work on smaller timeframes like 30-minute… and also on larger timeframes like 4-hour and daily.

Technical details: –

 This indicator works on Metatrader 4

– Current version: 1.0

 – This is a one-time payment, NOT a subscription.

 – Your license includes 1 year of updates and support. After one year, you can purchase an update & support plan to continue to receive support & updates (not compulsory) 

– You can use the indicator on ANY instrument your Metatrader 4 offers: FX pairs, Gold, Silver, Indices, Futures, Stocks…

 – Please remember: There are no refunds and all sales are final. Thanks for reading! Mt4 Live

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