Auto Robot Trading Service For Stock And Commodity Market

Fully Auto Trading From Charting terminal , Indicators Or Strategies to any brokers trading terminal.

What Is Auto Robot ?

Auto Robot Trader is now very popular in India because no one wants to lose the harldy earned capital through silly emotions. Auto Robot trading places the trades automatically to the trading terminal easily without any manual intervention. Robotic trading also knows as algorithmic trading.

How it works

We have a plugin that takes the BUY or SELL Signals from the MT4 chart or Ami Broker terminal and places the trades to any brokers trading terminal. Most of the brokers having ODIN or NEST trader platforms. Apart from it some of the discount brokers are providing robot trading API. We are expert in automating the trades via API as well. By the help of the plugin, we can save our time so that we don’t have to sit on the terminal all the time and to watch the market watch window all the time to take a trading opportunity. We have very unique and customized strategies for MCX and NSE market which increases the profitability in trading. Custom Strategies for Crude, Bank Nifty.

How Accurate is Software ?

Accuracy depends on the signal generated by the charting terminal or the strategy used in the Graph. Our most of the strategies are capable of generating 10-50% Profits every month. You can put Manual or Automatic Stoploss and Targets. People also call it Algo Trading. We have some good strategies for robot trading. If you have any strategy we can make your strategy compatible with our robot. we take a one-time development charge for Strategy compatibility.

Strategy Development

We also provide coding service for EA and Indicators.We can develop any kind of Expert advisor or any type of indicator for Indian or Forex Market.our services will be ontime and the price for the development will be reasonable.No matter in which market you are trading. You can Avail our services for MCX, NSE, COMEX, NYMEX and any other Market.


Fast Execution

Real-time execution of trades without any delay. Can execute more 100+ order in second.


Signal From all Charting Platform Like Meta Trader 4 Ami Broker. Compatible with 3 leading Trading Terminals. NEST TRADER, DIET ODIN, NOW.

Money & Time management

Our Auto Trading Robot have more than 120+ features to combine with to get best output from strategy or indicators.

Run on the cloud

We have Cloud option for our Auto Trading Robot. So if your system get disconnected or shut down. Our cloud will make it run and execute order to broker terminal.

Our Pricing

₹ 1100

Per week

₹ 5000

Per month

₹ 3500

Per month


Per month


Per month



Frequently asked questions

Yes we can Implement any Strategy or Indicators with our Auto trading robot.

You will get your answer here –

Brokers Trading Terminal (ODIN,NEST_TRADE TIGER ETC)

Its Virtual Server or a Virtual Computer which let your Auto Trading works even your system is shut down .

We are Working on New Profitable Strategies And Add to Our Terminal From Time to Time. At Current We have 5 Strategies . 
 *  SuperTrend
*  Macd 
*  Stochastic
*  3 Ma Crossover
 * Range Breakout Indicator

Yes, You Can Specify Your own TP, StopLoss  In Auto Trading system. However We Have Lots Of Advance features Included In Auto Trading System That Includes Smart Money Management, Trailing SL And Much more .

Yes You Can Contact Our Live Chat Support Team On Website .You Can Also Contact Us Via :- Phone Between 10 AM to 6 PM In Case Of Any Technical Issue Needed. 

If Auto Trading System is subscribed without VPS, we will connect to your Desktop / Laptop remotely using Anydesk and will do the installation. If Auto Trading System is subscribed with VPS, we will setup VPS which takes 2 – 3 hours and once VPS setup is done, we will install Auto Trading System on VPS and guide you over Anydesk how to access VPS and Auto Trading System.

Directly you can not auto trade with any MT4 Indicator Or Ami-Broker .You need to send your Indicator(s) or your strategy to us on email Our development team will evaluate it and they can make it compatible with auto trading at additional cost. After that you can auto trade with your MT4 Indicator / Ami-Broker Strategy. We can also enhance your multiple MT4 Indicators and generate Buy / Sell Signals to trade through Auto Trading System.

Our Auto Trading System supports both Intraday and Positional trading. Range Breakout indicator has been specifically designed for Intraday. Rest of the indicators can be used for Intraday on lower timeframes and for Positional on higher timeframes. Moreover we have one exclusive feature where in you can take benefit of long trends in Intraday without worrying about gap up / gap down opening.

Yes our Auto Trading system and given indicators support Renko Charts.
Yes. Auto Trading system includes Automatic as well as Semi-Auto system too .
Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a remote server allotted to you lying in data centers. VPS are up and running 99.9% of time without any electricity or Internet issues. If Auto trading is done through VPS, then you can shutdown your PC / laptop and still auto trading system will keep running without any electricity / internet issues.

If you get for higher tenure subscription like Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly, You get discount. You can check discounted rates in our pricing package. Moreover if you subscribe for Half Yearly or Yearly package, we can integrate one of your MT4 Indicator or strategy free of cost with Auto Trader.




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