How To Add Scripts To Robo :-

STEP 1 :- Open Mt4 And Click On “VIEW”. Then Click On “Market Watch” .

After Clicking On “Market Watch”. It will appear as below ;-

STEP 2 :- Right Click On “Market Watch “. Then Click On “Symbols”

After Clicking On “Symbols”. It will Appear as below :-

STEP 3 :- Now We will add our Required Scipts. For Example :-
                 “Reliance Cash Script “.
                 We Click On “Nse Cash “. Then Double Click On (Reliance#).
                 It will appear as below :-

After that we click on close and Our “Market Watch” Will appear as Below :-

STEP 4 :-Now We Right Click On Reliance, then We Click On “Chart Window “

After that our window will appear as below :-

STEP 5 :- Now We will type (CTRL + N).It will appear as below ;-

STEP 6 :- Now We will add “ButtonTradingRobo” Indicator From “Navigator”.

STEP 7 :- After that we will add signal Indicator Like “Supertrend Signals”/Moving Average CrossSignals/.

STEP 8 :- Now We Right Click On Chart and Click On “Indicators list”

It Will appear as below ;-

STEP 9 :- Now we have to Change “Map Name” Of Both the Signal Indicator

STEP 10 :- We will double click On Supertrend Signals
And Change the “Map Name”

In case of Equity Script it is important to change Map Name because Robo Cannot Read the Signals Generated by Any Script with (#) at the End.

STEP 11: – Again We Will double click on ButtonTradingRobo Indicfator and Change the “Map Name”
Both the “Map Name ” Should Be Same .

STEP 12 ;- Now we will open Robo and Enter Same “Map Name” In “Chart Symbol “

Now We Have To Choose “Exchange”, which in this case is “NSE”.

After That We have to choose “InstName”, which in this case is “EQ”.
It will appear as below :-

STEP 13 :- After Entering targets and Stoploss . We will Click On “Update/Add New”.It will appear as below :-

STEP 14 :- After that We click On “Not Saved “:-

Now Our Cash Script Of Reliance is added .It will Appear as below :-

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